I have connected with some wonderful people, who seek the written word & music to help them on their own journeys, something that I would never have discovered without social media.


Instagram and Facebook is more targeted towards the challenges in writing a book & becoming a renowned House Party DJ, while offering advice & inspiration in terms of changing your direction in life and creating a new path. I was also keen to demonstrate to others how it feels to loose someone close to you & how this can influence the changes in your thinking, lifestyle, objectives & goals.

On Twitter I focus on both this part of my journey & offer advice on buying luxury international property from my vast experience. While on LinkedIn, in conjunction with the Unique Living Blog, I aim to network & offer serious advice & tips to high net worth clients interested in acquiring luxury villas & apartments around the world.

While I help my clients to develop their lifestyle, I too wanted to show how I had moved mine into a new chapter. Ultimately, it was time to practise what I preached.

I am currently developing mixes of my trips to various countries around the world, I usually catalogue the music I hear on my travels, which paint a picture of my journey throughout & on my return I get on my decks to mix freestyle a live eclectic mix of music, you can hear these mixes on Soundcloud.