It was an epic read, a page turner, I’ve been reading it almost every day. Immersed in your life & your head for the last 10 years. I’m amazed at how much you have managed to remember & record in such detail… Your voice really comes through the page too & I particularly like you centring it within your own Jewish identity and community… There were times when I laughed, times where I cried & times where I felt your frustration & anger of your experiences.


Life is like a game a poker, how you play your cards determines your future in the game.

I like many other parents had been dealt a hand I hadn’t expected. I couldn’t see a way out, but then fate made the decision for me, I am currently writing that story. Someone described my book as Four Weddings & a Funeral meets Love Actually. Writing became my escapism, like music, it acted as my therapy in a dark time & place in my life.

My aim from these experiences was to make a movie about my family’s story, a fairly normal dysfunctional Jewish family from North West London with a story to tell. I was told that before making a movie, I needed to write the book. I am currently on the second draft of that book, just a year and 3 months since I started writing.